RAFOS PREMIUM ; Radio Frequency Device (Multi-polar)
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Product Name : RAFOS PREMIUM ; Radio Frequency Device (Multi-polar)
Product Code : CWM-900
Product Information:
CWM-900 RAFOS Premium


RAFOS Premium is RF diathermy device with CET and RET duo function, all in one unit. The RET with stainless electrodes produces a deeper internal therma effect. With CET function, it makse the most effective result for overall body contouring by reducing intra abdominal fats as well as removal of cellulite.

  • Multi-polar system whcih doesn't need the patient plate
  • By RET & CET combinational function, it provides most effective way for body reshaping and slimming
  • Automatic thermal control function with intra-red thermal sensor
  • Effective high intensity mode program to apply exacy intensity level as per the separate mode
  • Self safety and protection technology
  • Automatic perception program to recognize the size of the active electrode inserted into the probe and provides proper intensity depending on the size of active electrode
  • Wide 5'' LCD display for users convenience
CET (Capacitive Electrode Transfer) & RET (Resistive Electrode Transfer)
CET (Capacitive Electric Transfer)

This is a way of attaching the half insulated electrode on the skin. Current to be transfered by capacity to the patient into 3~5 cm depth and very effective for skin liftingm, wrinkle removal and pain relief.
RET (Resistive Electric Transfer)

It occurs deep thermal by electronic operation of not insulated electrodes. Current to be transferred by Resistive to the patient into 9~12 cm depth and effective for the subcutaneous fat, cellulite removal.
  • Reduction of the intra abdomen fat
  • Enhance the breakup of adipose tissue
  • Acceleration of Lymph drainage circulation and cellulite reduction
Specification & Accessories
Output Frequency CET RET
0.3 & 0.5 kHz 0.5 MHz  
Time 1 - 60 mins, adjustable
Power Consumption 150VA
Dimension (mm) 470(W) x 348(L) x 168(H)
Weight 8kg

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