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Oralix aims to be one of the key medical suppliers in the market by providing the best quality medical supply, healthcare equipment and services.   We currently distribute Ministry-of-Health approved pharmaceuticals, medical and aesthetic products to all government hospitals, including hospitals managed by the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Education, divisional stores of Sabah and Sarawak, private institutions, as well as private clinics. These products range from medical disposable and equipment, implantable and aesthetic products.

Oralix is also a supplier of medical disposable, equipment and implantable products to all major and minor hospitals in the region. These products range from central venous catheter, oxygen therapy products, pain management devices, syringe and infusion pumps, ECG machines, obstetrics and gyneacology couches.

We also supply a range of aesthetic products, which include anti-ageing products, skin and hair care products, post-procedure patient care products, fat grafting systems, lifting threads, among others.

Oralix customizes our products and services to provide the best solution for our customers. Our services also include information on marketing strategies and execution, product analysis, positioning and messaging, sales and marketing content development.  We are committed to continuous improvement to better serve the varied needs of our clients and partners.

To be Malaysia’s first medical device company listed in KLSE and globally recognized for innovation and improving healthcare outcomes for patients around the world by using technology in 2027.


At Oralix Holdings, we are driven by our passion to improve healthcare quality worldwide. We strive to be a trusted partner to healthcare professionals, offering innovative and accessible medical devices that enhance patient care, improve treatment outcomes, and reduce healthcare costs. Our commitment to research and development, manufacturing excellence, and global partnerships enables us to create high-quality medical devices that meet the needs of patients and healthcare providers alike. We aspire to be a leading medical device company that represents Malaysia on the global stage, known for our commitment to social responsibility and making healthcare services accessible to underserved communities.

We foster a culture of innovation and continuously explore new ways to improve healthcare outcomes.

We are committed to maintaining the highest standards in everything we do, from design and development to manufacturing and distribution.

We believe that healthcare should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their background or income.

We work closely with healthcare professionals, industry partners, and regulators to deliver effective solutions that meet the needs of patients and healthcare providers.

Social Responsibility
We are committed to making a positive impact on the communities we serve, especially those that are underserved.
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